Sigmund Groven - the harmonica player

Image of Sigmund Groven - the harmonica player

Phototransfer, pen, pencil, charcoal and watercolor on paper.

29,7 x 42 cm

//Orginal, signert og datert. 29,7 x 42 cm. Manuelt fototrykk, penn, kull og akvarell på papir. Ca 920,- NOK, dette vil avhenge av valutakursen.//

This piece was a part of the original series I made for a group exhibition at Galería Untitled BCN, Barcelona back in 2010.

I have moved to a different country for the first time in my life.
And what have I discovered? Oh my God, I am Norwegian!

Diversity is a valuable thing. It makes the people, the moments and the memories.

I present and share series of Norwegian and Spanish portraits. The heroes. Or the non-heroes. All mixed up and wrapped in the knitted Marius sweater. Like it’s any day in Norway.

The pattern was designed by Marius Eriksen in 1953, and have ever since been a part of the representation of Norway. A little detail of Norway I want to share with you.

Colors may differ a little bit from the picture. This is an one of a kind original work and therefore non-refundable.